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Claim Your Free 25 Point Website Vulnerability and Performance Optimization Check Now assists entrepreneurs and business owners in protecting their businesses by providing high-quality website security solutions so you can sleep soundly at night.

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Claim Your Free 25 Point Website Vulnerability and Performance Optimization Check Now

Our malware database contains over 14 million hack variations we check your site for.

Every day we update our website scanner database and add new features to help keep your website safe

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Add your site to our secure system through our quick online order system. Everything is entirely secure.

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Our average response time is under 90 seconds. We’ll ask if there is any further information we need.

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We will work on your website and let you know once we are complete. You can communicate with us in our special secure system.

Our website malware services help keep your site safe so you can focus on what matters to you

Claim Your Free 25 Point Website Vulnerability and Performance Optimization Check Now

Free 25 Point Website Vulnerability and Performance Optimization Check 

Limited Bonus: Free Website Performance Optimization Audit to Maximize Your Site Performance. We will check your website for free for vulnerabilities and check how it performs against 25+ essential metrics. These will include but are not limited to

Single Malware Removal Service

$77 fixed fee

Any website – a single website malware fix from our team of experts. We can start working on your website immediately.

Malware Removal Subscription Service

$37 monthly

Website malware removal subscription includes:

Very Limited Special Bonus: Free Secure Web Hosting Included

Daily Malware Scanning Service

$3 monthly

Our daily website malware scanning subscription is a great solution for all website owners. It was developed by our engineers, who have many years of website security experience. We will scan your website every day for common hacks.

Want to move, speed up or fix another issue on your site? Our other website services will make your life easier

Claim Your Free 25 Point Website Vulnerability and Performance Optimization Check Now

Website Hardening


If you want to make your website security more robust, you need to think about hardening. To harden your website means adding different layers of protection to reduce the potential attack surface.

Speed Up and Optimise Website


Is your website loading extremely slowly? Does your website take more than three seconds to load? Do you know a slow-loading web page means frustrated users and abandoned visitors? If you want more visitors and conversions, your site should load within 1 to 3 seconds because Google priorities faster websites as it provides a better user experience. We will increase your website performance, loading time, and a page score to A+ Grade.

Ultimate Website Speed and Security Optimization


If you intend to make your website security more robust and want more visitors and conversions to your website, then you need Ultimate Website Speed and Security Optimization. Ultimate website speed and security optimization package includes everything in our website hardening package and Speeding Up and Optimizing Website package. We will boost your site performance and add different layers of protection to reduce the potential attack surface.

Website and Domain Migration


Do you have a WordPress website? Are you looking for quick service to transfer, migrate, clone, or change your WordPress website to a new host or move your domain to a new host or domain registrar?

Single Site Task Fix


Do you have a WordPress (WP) site issue that needs to be fixed? Are you looking for a quick solution to fix your website issue? This product is for you.

Fixhackedsite delivers a safer and faster web browsing experience for your users

Claim Your Free 25 Point Website Vulnerability and Performance Optimization Check Now

WordPress Cleanup Experts

WordPress is impressive; however, it is also a widespread hacking target for some reasons. It can be significantly extended and customized with the vast array of plugins and themes, each of those extensions has fully readable codebases, and it is top-rated software. Hacking is not usually personal, and specialist hacking syndicates compete to find vulnerabilities and exploit websites.

Exploits usually appear either as a complete site defacement or redirect to an external phishing site. However, sometimes a site can appear normal but have malicious content uploaded somewhere in the site code.

At, our highly experienced professional engineers clean many hacked sites daily and keep hundreds of existing customers protected. Regardless of how your site is infected, we can assist you.

How we clean hacked websites

A site malware cleanup can be requested via our secure online order process. Once signed up, we’ll ask you to securely offer us any access credentials we need to clean your site. You will talk straight to one of our engineers through our secure online system. Alternatively, you can call us. When you have submitted your task, you can leave us to it – we will contact you once we have finished.

Claim Your Free 25 Point Website Vulnerability and Performance Optimization Check Now

WordPress Experts

We know WordPress inside out, maintaining thousands of WordPress websites for customers. We’re already aware of most hack types and can clean them up quickly.

Backups Taken

We will take backups before fixing your website, and they will continue after your fix so we can roll back to any point in time. Our backups automatically run scans against tens of millions of malware signatures, alerting us of potential problems.

Vulnerabilities Fixed

We’ll find the underlying root cause of the hack and either solve it or inform you what changes you need to make. In most cases, we can make the changes for you too, so you can relax and focus on what is important to you without worrying.

Ongoing Support Available

As well as one-off site fixes, we offer malware scanning and malware fixing plans, which help keep your website secure and protected from malware attacks.

Works with any host

We can work with any hosting on the planet – as long as we can get access to your site, we can fix it. Our friendly support team will guide you for the information we need.

Track Securely

Our purpose-built secure system was designed to securely take the information we need from you. Once we are finished, we will remove all of your logins from our records.

Do you need ongoing protection? Our monthly malware removal plans include many security features and real-time malware scanning.
Claim Your Free 25 Point Website Vulnerability and Performance Optimization Check Now

Some of our awesome fans

Listen to what others are saying about how easy and intuitive Fix Hacked Site Is…

My website was vulnerable to those who seek to invade and I fortunately discovered the Fixhackedsite website. The team quickly secured me from the predators and suggested a few changes to my site. Frankly my site was a bit drab and non-engaging so I had the team rebuild it and I couldn’t be happier. The site is now looking like it belongs in 2022 and is secure – very satisfied with the service and expertise. My business is relatively small but ticking along nicely with good activity from the contact form and turnover is increasing. Fixhackedsite now fully maintain my site and host it – highly recommend their services.

Geoff Pyne

I want to say how important you have been to the display and operation of my website. You have imaginatively redesigned my website in a way that has attracted much praise and attention, helping to draw many more visitors to the site. In addition, you have helped with the daily updating of the site — an essential need for any owner. You have proven to be always available to help me at any time of the day or night. I can’t recommend more highly for your superb work.

Steve Schlesinger

I can’t say enough good things about Fixhackedsite web design and hosting. I’ve been working with Fixhackedsite for 2 years and they are the best in the business. They do excellent work at an unbelievable price, and are always available to help with any problems that come up. I’m a small business owner, so I don’t have a huge budget for my marketing needs, but I get more leads than ever before and I’m always happy to refer them to my friends for their website design needs.

Dave Wynn

Frequently asked questions

It’s probably not targeted at your site. Websites frequently run the same software as countless others, and hackers will find vulnerabilities that they can exploit en masse.

A fixed fee of $77. Additionally, you can get the clean included in our monthly maintenance plan (from $37/mo). Or, if you would like us to live scan your site for malware every day, this is only $3 a month! Check out our pricing page now.

Yes, we are here all day, every day. We maintain and monitor sites for customers too, which means we need to be available in case of emergencies or urgent updates.

When we have the logins we need, you can leave us to it. We’ll email you when we have an update.

If your website shared hosting space with another site (for instance, in one cPanel account), this could be the reason. It’s unlikely that the web host has a problem, but it’s not unheard of.

Once you place an order utilizing the button above, a thread will be started with our engineers. They’ll gather any more information we need from you and keep you updated on the task status.

We are an international team of highly experienced website malware removal specialists, primarily based in the US, UK, and the Philippines, perfectly placed to work across all time zones to fix your site as fast as possible so you can get back to business.

Yes, please call us on 0844 995 1012

If you have a backup, then yes, rollback. However, you need to fix the underlying vulnerability. Likewise, beware that a hack can lie dormant for some time before its effects become visible.


Our Website Malware Services Assist In Keeping Your Site Safe So You Can Focus On What Matters To You. Including Virtual Hardening To Your Website Means Protecting It On Many Levels. Various Other Website Services To Make Your Life Easier.
Free 25 Point Website Vulnerability Check
Ultimate Website Speed and Security Optimization
Malware Removal Subscription Service
$37 monthly
Single Malware Removal Service
$77 fixed-fee
Website Hardening
Daily Malware Scanning Service
$3 monthly
Website and Domain Migration
$67 fixed-fee
Single Site Task Fix
$57 fixed-fee
Speeding Up and Optimising Website
$97 fixed-fee