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Learn What Marketing Is and How It Is Used
02 March 2021
Marketing is the process of teaching consumers why they should choose your product or service over those...
The Marketer's Pocket Guide To Writing Well
28 February 2021
Writing well isn't easy for most people. The good news is: you can write well, no matter how “unqualified”...
What Is Marketing?
27 February 2021
There I was, minding my own business, resting after the completion of an amazing content marketing strategy...
Using a Malware Removal Tool
24 February 2021
Malware is a type of code that hackers inject into a website to cause damage or steal data. You know...
Introducing reCAPTCHA v3
18 February 2021
If you have a website, you need to protect your users from Bots, try to miss passwords, post, unwanted...
How To Make Your Online Store Safe for Your Customers
16 February 2021
Wanna know how to make your online store safe for your customers find out here. Now that we've moved...
cPanel Hosting & FileZilla FTP - Connect, Upload, And Transfer Files
11 February 2021
How to upload website files to your hosting account using the FTP client Filezilla, with cPanel shared...
Why You Need Website Application Firewall
10 February 2021
Online security is a pressing concern for all websites, especially the small business over when your...
HTTPS and Web Security
09 February 2021
What is HTTPS and why is it so important? HTTPS is actually just HTTP but over a secure connection and...
Top Security Tips to Build a Trusted Website
03 February 2021
There's a lot of scary stuff that happens when a website gets hacked but if you really want to stay protected...
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