WhatsApp Vulnerability | CVE-2019-3568 | NSO Pegasus Spyware Hack Exploit

Hello and welcome to this quickvulnerability update regarding the new WhatsApp exploits that has been reported.WhatsApp has patched a high-risk vulnerability that allows hackers toremotely install surveillance spyware on mobile inventions simply by visit thetargeted telephone number over WhatsApp. So in order to find if we have any deviceshave an outdated WhatsApp installation we’ll head over to our Lansweeperreport. So here in our Lansweeper report we have two designs, one that isred, one that is green. Plainly the red one is the vulnerable one which we’llhave to pay attention to. You can see the asset word, you are able participate what type ofdevice it is, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android, we accompany car manufacturers, example, the OS version.Then we have the specific application that we filteredfor which is the WhatsApp app. We can see it’s copy, whether it’s prone orsafe and we have some additional information about the mobile device nearthe end of such reports. So we’ll take a quick look at the machine that isvulnerable. So now on the Lansweeper page we get some basic information about thedevice. You can see the that it is an iPhone, obviously the multitude character is Intune so we do scan this device from Intune itself. What we’re interested in isobviously the applications. So under works we got a complete list ofall the works installed on the manoeuvre as well as their version.So atthe bottom you can see there is WhatsApp rostered as well as it’s version. In thiscase the account is too low so it is vulnerable so we’ll have to make surethat we modernize to make sure we’re all safe. So how do you get the information requirements? Very simple head over to and start your free inquiry. Once your search hasbeen completed you’ll end up on the dashboard. Once you’re on the dashboardhead over to the resources tab that will give you an overview of all the assettypes that have been discovered on your network including the mobile devicesthat have been examined through Intune. Next up to add the report to your Lansweeper installation you can navigate to reports, create a new report. Now thefirst thing you need to do is head over to our website and seizure the reports thatwe’ve published together with the blog post. Once you have the reports imitation you cansimply head over to the editor, remove the default code and change itwith the practice report that we’ve published.Once such reports has loaded in, don’t forget to give your report a deed and then click Save and Run. And nowwe’re back on the report where we started where you get an overview ofyour Intune maneuvers if they have WhatsApp on it and whether they’revulnerable or not. Thank you for watching if youwant to learn more about Lansweeper head over to and start your free inquiry, or take a look at one of the following videos ..

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