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How to use WordPress security scanners to find malware and hacks

Are you worried that you WordPress site is not secure? Do you want to identify and fix the security flaws in your website?

You’re doing the right thing. If hackers find vulnerabilities in your site, they exploit them and run all sorts of activities such as redirecting visitors to unknown sites, spaming your customers, and selling products through your site.

Such activity can damage the site and your business considerably When search engines like google detect the hack, they blacklist your site and prevent visitors from accessing it Similarly, your web hosting service will suspend your WordPress account until you fix the hack. If that happens, your visitors, customers, and revenues will be lost.

Fortunately, you can avoid this scenario by finding and repairing vulnerabilities before hackers do. This guide covers the WordPress Vulnerability scanners so that you can detect vulnerabilities and take necessary action to prevent your website from being hacked.

Vulnerabilities appear on your site in different shapes and forms. You need a smart web security scanner that is designed specifically to detect any security flaws in your website. Use the Fix Hacked Site Security Scanner to find vulnerabilities, and fix them in under few minutes.

Why Website Security is Important?

A hacked WordPress site could cause serious damage to your website and your business. Hackers can steal your user information, passwords, infect your users with malware, and can even distribute viruses to your users.

Worst, you may find yourself paying ransomware to hackers just to regain access to your website.

Why WordPress security is important

Google reported that more than half a million website users have been told that they’re visiting a website that may contain malware or steal their information.

Furthermore, Google black­lists around 20,000 sites for malware and around 50.000 for phishing each month.

If your website is an online business, then you need extra attention to your WordPress website security.

As an online business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your business website is protected.

How Do WordPress Security And Malware Scanners Help You?

Creating and maintaining a website isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. We’ve worked with WordPress for over ten years, and we know how many tasks there are to be handled. After all, you put in all that hard work to create a site that’s secure, so a single vulnerability could compromise it.

If a hacker gains access to your site and injects malware or malicious codes into your site, they can exploit your site. They can cause considerable harm not only to your website and your visitors, but to your revenue and your brand’ reputation.

To prevent this, it’s important to have security tools to detect hacker activities early on and stop them before they can do any damage. You can use a WordPress security scanner to monitor for malicious activity on your site and hack attempts on your website.

A good scanner will do the following:

  • Monitor your website and track all activities in a log
  • Regularly scan your website for suspicious activity and malware.
  • Detecting hidden and disguised malware
  • Detect and block hack attempts
  • Check for pending updates on your site and alert you to any that are available.
  • Detect search engine blacklist status
  • Never slow down your website while it’s monitoring and scanning.
  • Enables you to fix your website’s flaws instantly

There are plenty of free WordPress security scanners available, however, not every one of them provides the same level of service as others. Some provide excellent features while others are average at best. We tried out the market’s WordPress security scanners and narrowed it down to WordPress Security Scanners to find vulnerabilities.

WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

We, Will, Check Your Website For Free For Vulnerabilities And Check How It Performs Against 25+ Essential Metrics. These Will Include But Not Limited To


  • Most exploited vulnerabilities from Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) top 10 security vulnerabilities.
  • Php version check so that your website doesn’t get exploited due to vulnerabilities present in old and outdated PHP versions
  • Javascript vulnerability check to ensure that the website is free of any javascript vulnerabilities that can cause any run-time issues and exploits
  • Security headers to make sure that modern browsers are restricted from running into vulnerabilities.
  • Software / Platform versions
  • Php related vulnerabilities
  • APIs
  • Firewall
  • HTTPS support
  • SQL injection
  • Spam protection



  • Intelligent scanner – Many scanners rely on outdated methods like pattern or signature matching that only look for known malware. Fix Hacked Site uses smart signals to analyze code behavior on your website. This enables the scanner’s malware detection to detect malware on your website regardless of whether it is old, complex, or disguised
  • A complete WordPress security scan – It may be surprising to find that not all scanners check the entire site. They only check a few important files and directories. But hackers find ways of hiding and disguising their malware in different locations on your website. Fix Hacked Site scans every file and folder of the website. It also scans your database and leaves no stone unturned. If there is malware in your site, Fix Hacked Site will find it.
  • Early detection of vulnerabilities – Fix Hacked Site Early Detection Technology finds any kind of malware on your site before it can damage your site. Detect harmful activities before they get your site blacklisted by Google or your host suspends your site.
  • Guaranteed malware removal: When the plugin detects malware on a site, you can use it to instantly clean your site and Fix Hacked Site guarantees 100% malware removal
  • Works without breaking your website – Malware removal involves deleting infected or malicious files which can sometimes cause a malfunction or crash. Fix Hacked Site intelligently removes malware without breaking your website.

What Are The Advantages Of Website Security Audit For Your Online Business?

1. Identifies Vulnerabilities to Security Breaches

This procedure prevents compromising sensitive information of a business or its visitors. You may be unacquainted with the website vulnerabilities that will considerably affect your website’s security.

2. Solution Recommendation

We provide a proper solution to protect your business net applications, email services, and databases.

3. Secured Website

This is the most important part of having a website security audit. As a result, your website is secured against any vulnerabilities.

4. Increase Website Traffic

Having a clean and secure website provides the customer with the best experiences which may potentially turn into sales.

Final Thoughts

In our experience, even after implementing web security measures on your site, vulnerabilities can appear on your site every now and then. This happens because plugins and themes tend to develop security flaws over time.

Hackers are aware of this and are constantly in search of vulnerable WordPress sites to exploit. For these reasons, online security isn’t a set-and-forget activity but instead needs constant vigilance.

To make security management easier, Fix Hacked Site was designed by analyzing many sites. Once activated on your WordPress site, it scans and monitors your website regularly. If there’s any malware or suspicious activity found on your website, Fix Hacked Site will alert you immediately. You can clean your site using instant malware removal.

It will also identify and block traffic with malicious intent and prevent hack attacks. Fix Hacked Site serves as an all-around security solution for your WordPress site.

Secure your WordPress site with Fix Hacked Site