Fix Hacked Site

Using a Malware Removal Tool

Malware is a type of code that hackers inject into a website to cause damage or steal data. You know you have ransomware viruses, spyware. These are all great examples of malware. Yeah, malware inflicts damage that can range anywhere from annoying to catastrophic, and today most malware attacks are actually automated and over 40 % of the target small businesses.

All of the FixHackedSite security packages include malware removal but what if you don’t have a secure one?. If your site gets hacked, FixHackedSite offers an express malware removal service, that’s available to everyone, even if your sites, not with FixHackedSite yeah within Two Hours of receiving an Express malware removal request.

Our team of security experts get to work to clean up your site and keep you posted on the progress once your site is clean, we’ll scan your site multiple times a day and if we see any potential threats we’ll let you know about it now, and we can fix it for you too. If something looks fishy, send Us a removal request.

The security team won’t stop until your site is 100 % clean. So, ultimately, the best defense is a good offense. Make sure your website’s protected from the start with a good website security package.

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