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Using Automatic Scanning and Monitoring to Protect Your Website

Without a proactive security strategy, malware infections can escalate quickly and not wreak havoc. Just on your site, but potentially spread to your customers, causing financial and reputational damage being able to quickly detect and remove malware is a critical part of a proactive website security strategy.

I introduce you to the website security tool of automatic scanning and monitoring. Using automatic monitoring and scanning on your website is the best safeguard against the spread of malware. But if your site does get infected automatic scanning and monitoring tools quickly alert you, so you can stop the situation before it spreads some tools.

Choosing an automatic scanning detection and removal tool is the way to go. There are FixHackedSite website security packages that include automatic monitoring scanning and unlimited malware removal, protecting you from infections, which can come from your front-end website, as well as at the server level.

Sometimes Google will blacklist sites, it thinks are dangerous to visitors. So if your site is on that blacklist, it’s gonna be nearly impossible for people to find you. So if your site gets branded as bad, we’ll be able to quickly resolve and fix any issues so that there’s no interruption to your business and when you’re trying to prevent the spread of malware response time is crucial.

If we find any problems we’ll let you know right away. So you know what to do next. There’s no software to install and our daily scans run automatically even better. If something comes up that the automatic removal tool can’t fix our security experts will repair it manually. Having an automatic scanning and monitoring tool is a great way to proactively protect your site and give yourself peace of mind.

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